Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Is Me

My head is a maze
A lane of tunnels and
A path of caves.

My mind is a journey
A river of combustion and
A storm of movement.

My heart is a well
A valley of hope and
A tree of dreams.

More than in the eyes
Less than what is given
More is felt
Less is shown

Me at my best and
Worst is all there is
Nothing to hide and
Nothing to see

This is me in thought
Me in reflection
Me in dream

Not as you might believe
But all that I can
Not what I hope
But more than I have been

This is now
This is all
This is me.

1 comment:

  1. ACK! I can't read your blog. Its all black unless I high light it.

    Excellent sidebars but the writing...eek. In the words of Arnold,
    "I'll be back". Maybe the problem is at this end. :)


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