Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Is Me

My head is a maze
A lane of tunnels and
A path of caves.

My mind is a journey
A river of combustion and
A storm of movement.

My heart is a well
A valley of hope and
A tree of dreams.

More than in the eyes
Less than what is given
More is felt
Less is shown

Me at my best and
Worst is all there is
Nothing to hide and
Nothing to see

This is me in thought
Me in reflection
Me in dream

Not as you might believe
But all that I can
Not what I hope
But more than I have been

This is now
This is all
This is me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As you were ripped from you lands
And sold to bondage
Did you see it?

As you were beaten and told
You were less than a man
Did you know it?

As your children were pulled from your breast
And torn from your arms
Did you hear it?

As you were denied rights
And the courtesy of a seat when tired
Did you hope it?

As you were marching for freedom
And jailed for a dream
Did you feel it?

As you made my generation possible
As you gave us the chance
As you looked to the future
Could you feel it?
Did you hope it?
Could you hear it?
Did you know it?
Did you think I would see it?

Your suffering has been expunged
Your sacrifice has been validated
And your dream has been realized
For I have seen it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Legacy of a Dream

He came to give the world a dream.
A dream of destiny,
A dream of future,
A dream of hope.

He came to shine light on a promise land.
A land of peace,
A land of togetherness,
A land of equality.

He came to stand of love.
A love of yourself,
A love of each other,
A love of mankind.

Yet he was beaten and jailed,
Taunted and persecuted,
Lied upon and killed for his fight.
A fight that still sparks the soul today.

He came to bring a message.
A message of understanding,
A message of forgiveness,
A message of freedom.

What he left was a legacy.
A legacy of love,
A legacy of promise,
A legacy of a dream.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another Year

Another year has come
Another year has gone
Another chance to change
All that I’ve become.

One more time to see
To the future I’ve believed
One more time to be grateful
For all that I’ve received.

One more hope for
The days that are to come
One more hope that
In the past I’ve done what needed to be done.

So many days ahead
So many days have past
So much more ahead of me
Though time keeps moving so fast.

Another year is here and
Another year has closed
Another new beginning
And chance to be all that I’ve been shown.
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